8:00am          Registration Opens

8:00-9:00       Visit Sponsor Exhibits

9:00-9:05       Welcome – John Clark

9:05-10:00      Dr. Victor E. Cabrera –Dairy Farm Efficiency: Emphasis on Reproduction (Sponsored by Cargill Animal Nutrition)

10:00-10:40    Break

10:40-11:35    Cheryl Jones– Lean Systems – Bringing Efficiencies to Business (Sponsored by ST Genetics)

11:35-12:35     Lunch

12:35-12:40     Sponsor Recognition and Announcements

12:40-1:30       Dr. Frank Mitloehner-Climate Action in Agriculture: A Balanced Approach (Sponsored by Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition)

1:30-1:40          Remarks by Governor Phil Scott (Tentative)

1:40-2:30          Dr. Jeffrey Bewley – Utilizing Data to Make Health and Economic Decisions in Dairy Farm Management (Sponsored by Holstein USA)

2:30-3:00          Break

3:00-3:50          Coach Tom Wall – Employee Management and On Farm Leadership (Sponsored by Farm Credit East)

3:50-4:00          Door Prizes and Adjourn



8:00-8:25                     Registration

8:25-8:30                     Welcome – John Clark

8:30-9:20                     Dr. Trevor Devries – Consistency is Key When Feeding Dairy                                                    Cows (*Cargill Animal Nutrition)

9:20-10:10                   David Greene – Optimizing Feeding Management

10:10-10:50                 Break

10:50-11:40                 Dr. Julio Giordano – The Use of Technology for Health and                                                        Management (*Poulin Grain)

11:40-12:40                 Lunch

12:40-12:45                 Sponsor Recognition and Announcements

12:45-1:30                   Dr. Richard Pimentel – Practical Issues in Leadership                                                                  (*Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition)

1:30-1:40                     Remarks by Governor Phil Scott

1:40-2:30                    Dr. Daryl Nydham – Strategic Dry Cow Treatment

2:30-3:00                     Break

3:00-3:50                     Amy te Plate-Church – Earning Trust in Modern Dairy Practices

3:50-4:00                     Door Prizes and Adjourn

*Sponsored by

45 minute presentations followed by 5 minutes of Q&A


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