Eric Clifford
Clifford Dairy
Starksboro, VT

Ted Foster
Foster Brothers Farm
Middlebury, VT

Al Ames
NutriLinx, Inc.
Hardwick, VT

Dave Danforth
Cargill Animal Nutrition
Milton, VT

Wanda Emerich
Miner Institute
Chazy, NY

Ashley Audet
Cargill Animal Nutrition
Bridport, VT

Dale Tetreault
Hidden View Farm
Champlain, NY

Rene Thibault
New England Dairy
Williston, VT

Kati Lawyer-Hale
Gervais Family Farm
Enosburgh, VT

Shane St. Cyr
Adirondack Farms
Peru, NY

Joanna Lidback
The Farm at Wheeler Mountain
Westmore, VT

Matt Maxwell
Neighborhood Farm
Newport, VT

Keith Sprague
Sprague Ranch
Brookfield, VT

Louise Waterman
Conference Coordinator
Ferrisburgh, VT

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